A Silken Tree – Great gifts for any occasion

Handmade jewelry and clothing

Almost everything is handmade by Sarin from paintings to jewelry. They are great gifts for any occasion birthdays, valentines, anniversary's or even to spruce up your dorm or living space. If anything catches your eye leave us a message and we can meet or mail anything to you. You can also find it on Sarin's etsy page, thank you for shopping local and supporting your community.

Just a bit about me, I LOVE to craft and create artworks from various mediums. I haveHandmade jewelry and clothing been painting and making jewelry for over 15 years, and continue to find new avenues in which my imagination can run free! I dabble in a lot of different things, such as felting, sewing, drawing and card making to name a few. I love working with sari silk, copper, silver and gems, as well as interesting fabrics and steam-punk inspired materials. I am also a gatherer of treasures. i scour bargain shops and yard sales for unique, valuable or inspiring items. My world revolves around my faith in Jesus Christ (not to be confused with religion), my Family, and Mother Earth. I am an avid gardener, outdoor enthusiast, people and animal lover and practicer of yoga. I have music in my soul and rhythm in my feet, and aspire to explore the word. Peace, Sarin

Location; Bear River, NS
Call (902) 467-3931
Web; asilkentree.wordpress.com/
Facebook; www.facebook.com/silkentree/