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This website is a collection of artisans and crafters from across Nova Scotia.  Within these collections are unique and beautiful pieces, designed and crafted to suit a variety of interests and tastes.  It is free to use, with no cost to the guests or artisans who use this website.  Should you wish to be included, please fill in the form at 

Hosting Services

Inexpensive hosting services offered to all Nova Scotia Crafters.

Whether your website is small or large I have server space available. All that is required is for you to be a Nova Scotia resident with a craft listed on this website. The cost will never change and there is no tax. I do ask for annual payments of cash or email transfer.


  • Rocket fast servers
  • Unlimited server space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Email available / Recommend gmail

Hosting plans;

  • 1-5 pages, $2/month, $24 annual payment, no tax
  • 5-20 pages, $5/month, $60 annual payment, no tax
  • 20-50 pages, $7/month, $84 annual payment, no tax
  • 50-100 pages, $10/month, $120 annual payment, no tax

Email me at to set up hosting


I have had a few people contact me with questions regarding my identity and motivation for the work that I am doing.  I would like to address these questions here, and lay any concerns or questions you may have to rest.  I have a background in marketing and advertisement and have owned my own small business.  This has taught me the value of advertisement and readily available contact information.  I believe that products as wonderful of these should have all of the exposure that they can.  It is my hope that I can help bring attention to these hidden gems.

I began this webpage as a way to fill my time during the winter, and as a way to keep my mind active.  Several years ago I was severely injured in a car accident, that left me with several broken bones and some cognitive impairment.  This website has allowed me to keep my mind engrossed in a productive hobby when my body protest the physical exertion of my daily life.  It allows me to focus and build something, despite my slower thought process and difficulty in remembering things.  It is through this webpage and the artisans, crafters and guests who visit, that I remind myself of what I am capable of, of what I have fought hard to learn and retain despite my difficulties.  Thanks you.

You may notice advertisements on this page, and realize that I am not an entirely selfless person.  These do provide a small amount of revenue, but will also increase attention to the webpage and hopefully to the wonderful artists who have consented to be involved.

Please enjoy your visit, and the beautiful collection of hidden gems and geniuses that are contained within this webpage.