An Oddity or Two – Mixed media collage artist

Making art for the young and young at heart, huge imagination, story tellerI'm a mixed media collage artist who has a little bit too much imagination for my own good. Luckily my parents introduced me to crayons at a young age and gave me a wicked outlet to doodle out all of my crazy ideas.

Location; Beaver Bank, Nova Scotia

Making art for the young and young at heart.

Making art for the young and young at heart, huge imagination, story teller

I've always had a huge imagination. I've also always considered myself a story teller. You can usually find me doodling on a scrap of paper somewhere, designing new characters and coming up with names and rhymes. After a few years of dreaming (and a lot of scrap paper!) I began turning these ideas into something solid, something three dimensional.

And so An Oddity or Two Mixed Media was born!

I began playing with collage straight out of art school. I'd spent a lot of time working in printmaking while in school, and decided to try something new and fresh. Once I started playing with collage there was no turning back! There is something about the use of beautiful papers, and glue that makes my heart flutter!

My art continued to grow, expanding into hand drawn jewelry, porcelain and much much more! If there was a new medium on the market, I wanted to try it!!

All art is made in my home's second bedroom turned studio. The space is chaotic, but I've come to appreciate the mess and its disorganized order. Working from home is exciting and freeing, although my boyfriend Kanis doesn't always appreciate the piles of half finished ideas that seem to always materialize! There is a good possibility upon visiting that you would find many an 'Isa Pile' of half finished art pieces stacked neatly around the living room and beyond. Yes, my work has a funny way of migrating around the house, and yes, I always get back to finish it. That's what happens, though, when your imaginations works faster than your hands. There is always something new and exciting to work on!!

What does the future of An Oddity or Two hold? Who knows! My big girl dream is to write and illustrate kids books. I'll get there I'm sure. For the moment I'm happy to hop scotch the stepping stones. It's all about the journey right? 🙂