Ann Schroeder Fine Art Quilts

Fine Art Quilts, hand-dyed scarves, collages, real painterly quality In the village of Mabou on Cape Breton Island, winds blow fiercely, the ocean is bright or dark, hillsides sprout hay bales, and fiddlers play under starry skies. To see this rich brew turned into art, browse through my fine art quilts.

Starting in 1997, I began dyeing my own fabrics, which adds a real painterly quality to my work.

These quilts are inspired by changing skies, curving hills, sprouts emerging from the ground, and other natural phenomena.

Visit me in my studio in Mabou, Nova Scotia where you can view the quilts, hand-dyed scarves, collages, and more; or play with colour and pattern at Fabric Dyeing by the Sea.

Location; 1422 Mabou Harbour Rd, Mabou

From Route 19 in Mabou, turn West on Mabou Harbour Road (at the sign for St. mary's church). Go straight for 7.2km.