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Handmade enameled copper jewelry, each piece is unique with subtle variations

Aflame Creations Jewelry – Handmade enameled copper jewelry

Handmade enameled copper jewelry Enamel is colored glass powder that I melt onto copper in my kiln at 1500F. I use various techniques to create different designs, and I apply each one by hand. The enamel colors all react differently in the kiln, creating subtle variations; each piece is unique!...

Oakhaven Organic Bakery

Oakhaven Organic Bakery – Artisan, hand-made breads

Artisan, hand-made breads made from stone ground organic whole grain spelt, kamut, wheat and rye flour. Everything is baked in a wood fired oven. Oakhaven is an organic bakery located in Belleisle, Nova Scotia, at the west end of the Annapolis Valley. We use certified organic flours from Meunerie Milainaise...