Arcane Angel – A Victorian Retro-Futurism that is Whimsical, Lovely and Unique

Whimsical, Lovely and Unique, using high quality materials, one of a kind, actual vintage mechanisms, creating an air of illusion and magicMarina has been an artist for over 25 years, achieving a fine level of craftsmanship over this time period and embracing many techniques. Her current work embodies a Victorian Retro-Futurism that is whimsical, lovely and unique.

She is one of a handful of artisans working in this genre using high quality materials like sterling filled pieces as opposed to base metals alone. Each creation has a story to tell, all her works are one of a kind and unique. Using actual vintage mechanisms and time pieces dating anywhere from 1815 to 1940 adds a playful mechanical element to the designs, creating an air of illusion and magic.

Inner gears and ornate script exposed to the eye reveal the workmanship of a bygone era. Pride was still taken in each handcrafted component. Pressed pieces and antique components used are circa 1800 to 1940 and reconditioned. Sterling fill is done in the old style, giving the item a heavier silver surface than modern day counterparts making them far more durable.

Marina Smith is the Founder and Past President of the Jules Verne Phantasical Society of Halifax.
A Steampunk based club for fans of Victorian science fiction and esthetics.

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