Cheryl Stone’s- “Pulp Humour” – Whimsical folk-art sculptures out of paper mache

Whimsical, folk-art sculptures, paper mache, one of a kind, signed and original art, handmade, handcrafted

Whimsical folk-art sculptures out of paper mache

They make me smile- I hope that part is contagious 🙂

I mainly sculpt cats but once in a while another animal or bird just must be made! The cats I make are modeled after my favorite breed, the Abyssinian. Mine have slightly exaggerated features, but this breed really does have large ears, almond shaped eyes and very sleek bodies.

The sculptures are one of a kind, signed and original art. The number of days they take to make depend on size, complexity and of course drying times.

Cheryl Stone's- "Pulp Humour"
Open most days 10am to 5pm, May 15 - October 31
Please call ahead before or after those dates
6684 Sissiboo Rd, Bear River
Phone; (902) 467-0337

My sculptures start with a idea or pose I have in mind for the animal. Then the armature is built using wire, paper and tape. After I'm satisfied with the pose I start applying the paper mache which is an air-dried mache clay I make. This is applied in phases with drying time in between. After the entire piece is coated and dry I sand the sculpture. Then a coat of gesso is applied. After that is dry and the piece is sanded again I can paint it. This process always takes a bit of time, anywhere from 1 1/2- 2 hours as the paint is built up in layers. After the paint is completely dry then a finish is applied. I use either a water based acrylic varnish or Mod Podge, which comes in either a mat or gloss finish. Finishing touches are done after all of that, such as whiskers if I'm doing a cat or dog. I've made sculptures in 6 hours, not counting the drying time, or as much as 20 hours. Since they are not made in a mold and are all one of a kind sculptures the pricing is based on the time they take me to make them. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call or email. I also do commission work.

Thank you for reading about the process and the interest in my artwork.
Cheryl Stone