Design Corner – A Graphic designer by day and a busy mom by night

graphic designer, artist, illustrator, sketch, hand drawn, hand crafted, handmade, halifax, nova scotia, create with a view of the ocean, pencil in my hand, advertising,I’m a graphic designer by day in the advertising world and busy mom by night. Always comfortable with a pencil in my hand, I find it very relaxing to just sit and doodle ideas. To see them come to life with the final ink is incredibly gratifying.

Living in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia, makes it easy to create with a view of the ocean just outside your window!


My shop started with some unique santas that I used to make as gifts for friends and relatives. I had also illustrated my own Christmas Card every year since graduating from Art School. Then Etsy entered my life. I dabbled at first, but once I launched my cards online, everything took off. Etsy has proven to be a great resource for getting my items out there in front of the rest of the world.

Location; Halifax, Nova Scotia

You can also find my products at these locations in Nova Scotia

  • Inkwell Boutique (Halifax)
  • Argyle Fine Art (Halifax)
  • Duly Noted (Halifax)
  • Trainyard General Store (Dartmouth)


New ideas are always coming to me... the problem is finding the time to make them!