Elizabeth Brown Woodcarver – Original design woodcarvings and sculpture

Original design woodcarvings and sculpture, hand carved using knifes and gouges by Elizabeth Brown, Liverpool, Nova Scotia. Elizabeth is a full time artist, teaching and practicing the traditional craft of wood carving. Her designs range from woodspirits and old world Santas to mantles and sculptures. Every carving is a one of a kind, whittled or carved work of art.

Woodcarving, hand carved, mantles and sculptures, one of a kind, whittled or carved, work of art, original designWelcome to my world! A world of wood chips and sharp blades and the thrill of creating something from a block of wood with my hands. You will find the currently available carvings listed here for sale but also some classics from the past. Enjoy your visit, and come back soon!

I am a full time woodcarver and mom to two teens (which is a job in itself). I have a  little studio on my property where I can carve (and hide out) all day long. Every morning I feel like a kid skipping school as I head across the lawn to 'work'. Should a grown up be allowed to do something she loves ALL DAY? You'd think not. However, somehow I have made a life living in rural Nova Scotia and whittling for my supper. In the simplest of terms, I am grateful and feel joy every single day knowing I am living my dream. If you decide you need to own one of my pieces, I hope a little bit of the happiness I find in making them finds its way into your home.

Working from Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Elizabeth Brown is a full time woodcarver with artwork ranging from carved wooden Santas to mantels and architectural carvings. Elizabeth teaches at Lee Valley Tools in Halifax (for over 13 years now), as well as from her home studio in Liverpool. Elizabeth sells Flexcut Tools from her studio. Lessons and commission inquiries welcome.

Email; lizbcarverchick@gmail.com
Facebook; www.facebook.com/Lizcarverchick
Web; www.elizabethbrownwoodcarving.com
Twitter; www.twitter.com/LizBcarverchick