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comfy slippers, handmade, hand crafted, naturally warm, wooly slippersWhere naturally, warm and wooly slippers are made

ewe boots are handmade from 90-100% wool sweaters and 100% leather garments that would have otherwise been discarded. Through arrangements with local thrift stores as well as donations, I collect and save these unwanted/damaged garments from landfills and breathe new life into them in the form of ewe boots.

Location; Halifax, NScomfy slippers, handmade, hand crafted, naturally warm, wooly slippers
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The Story of a Slipper

I've always been concerned with how my lifestyle effects the earth and feel responsible to teach my 4 children how to protect and respect our planet. Each time I see a garbage truck go by, it grieves my heart to think of our expanding landfills and our wasteful and "stuff" obsessed culture. Living in the country, I try to live as simply as I can, eating local and homegrown foods, cloth diapering, driving only when necessary and buying second hand.

My Inspiration for ewe boots...

When my youngest son was born with a rare condition affecting his skin and hair, I wasn't sure what to put on him that didn't give him a rash. Every pair of socks and slippers we tried irritated his sensitive skin. I had a difficult time finding natural fibers for his feet and finally decided to try making him a pair of slippers from a wool sweater that I had accidentally felted in the dryer. I had shied away from wool thinking it would be too scratchy and itchy, so I was amazed at how soft and cozy they were felted. Most importantly, they didn’t bother his skin! That was the day ewe boots was born. He loves them so much that he even wants to wear them to bed!

Once I started making them, I just couldn't stop! For years I've made several pairs for my family and friends who encouraged me in my earth friendly venture, so here we are.

Customer Reviews

- Great slippers..excellent work, really comfortable and great customer service! I received them this past weekend! Thank you Jacquie.

- If I could give more than 5, I would. My experience and the custom order slippers we received-quality craftsmanship, unique design, eco friendly and warmth-far surpassed amazing. My son adores his slippers from the "Easter Bunny", and so do I. In fact, he wrote him a letter asking if he'll bring me a pair. Looks like this Momma is in the market for new slippers. Woohoo! Thank you Jacquie, I'll be contacting you soon about my slippers. ?

- The best, comfiest slippers ever. This is my third pair, I adore them. I often find excuses not to leave the house because that would involve taking my slippers off!

- I'm wearing these as I type. The quality is superb and comfort level is beyond description. A fabulous Canadian seller. Perfect footwear for our cold northern winters.