Foxbrae Windchimes – Hand-tuned windchimes of the highest quality

Hand-tuned windchimes, highest quality, vibrant designer colours, great visual impact, distinctive look, light weight anodized aluminum tubes, environmentally sound, Nova Scotia, Canada, quality raw materials, local premium wood, sourced from recycled aluminum, superior protection from the harsh elementsHand-tuned windchimes of the highest quality! New vibrant designer colours for great visual impact. New branding of the wind catchers creates a distinctive look. 5 sizes constructed of light weight anodized aluminum tubes available in 3 finishes. Environmentally sound using only premium waterbased stains. Competitively priced and individually boxed for your convenience.

The Fox Brae Windchime Company is a family owned and operated business. We specialize in producing high quality hand-made windchimes, with a preference towards using local ecologically friendly materials. Our windchimes have been produced for over 25 years, they are enjoyed all across Canada and in many countries around the world. Our factory is located in Mount Denson, Nova Scotia, Canada, where we proudly produce all of our products by hand from quality raw materials.

We choose local premium wood from responsibly managed forests. Our heavy gauge aluminum rods & tubing are sourced from recycled aluminum. Our wooden pieces receive superior protection from the harsh elements.

We apply two coats of Eco2 environmentally-friendly stain and sealant. The unique water-borne technology is inspired by a thousand year-old tradition that uses nature’s own ingredients – resins and gums from the heartwood of trees – to deliver long lasting, sustainable protection. Our goal is to ensure the wood will be preserved from water and UV radiation for many years to come.  Combined with the use of brass, stainless steel and copper-zinc fasteners, our chimes are famous for their longevity and lasting beauty.

  • ll chimes feature a melodic pentatonic tuning, individually hand-tuned by a trained musician for unsurpassed sound quality.

  • Totally rust proof for lasting beauty

  • Premium sustainable wood used in windchime construction.

  • Great Visual impact with vibrant, designer colours.

  • Four different sizes ranging from 30"-53" long,  ensuring we have the appropriate size you are looking for.

  • Unique "Breathable" stains used to protect wood from decay as well as highlight natural wood grain.

  • Heavy gauge anodized aluminum tubes in two different finishes for clean good looks and high quality sound.

  • Stainless steel aircraft cable used to create the strongest possible chime compared to chimes strung with various types of cord.​