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Hands On Crafts, knitted items, crochet, quality handmade crafts, nova scotia, yarmouth, soap, jewellery, jewelry, bath and body, woodworking, finished products, locally made,Hands On Crafts is your source for quality, hand-crafted goods such as knitwear, jewelry, wooden-ware, and quilts. As well, we carry knitting, beading, and soap making supplies.
Hands On Crafts is run as a co-operative by a group of Yarmouth craftspeople. The store started in 1998, and has evolved from a small shop carrying only finished products, to a shop that has knitting, beading,and soap-making supplies as well. All of our finished products are locally made.
Hands On Crafts
314 Main Street Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
Across the street from the CIBC bank
Phone; (902) 742-3515

Our Vendors

Doris Cooke - Doris is in charge of yarn, beads, and spinning and soapmaking supplies. She also knits, sews, and makes soap and beeswax candles.

Lenn Burkitt - Lenn is a woodworker, able to make almost anything. He specializes in wooden signs and frames, and makes a range of household and kitchen accessories.

Mary Smith - Mary is our sock specialist, and makes everything from fishermens' socks to fine socks out of patterning wool. She also does fine crochet.