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Canadian artist who makes illustrations, theatre, comics, and animations, exploring classical texts, local architecture, and geographical spaces; documenting everyday moments, telling miniature stories

Colleen MacIsaac – littlefoible – Illustrations, Theatre, Comics, and Animations.

Theatre, Illustration, Comics, Animation, Design and Miscellanea. Colleen MacIsaac is a Canadian artist who makes illustrations, theatre, comics, and animations. Originally from Spruce Grove, Alberta, she received her Bachelor of Media Arts at Emily Carr University before moving to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her practice is interdisciplinary; she enjoys exploring classical...

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Emma Fitzgerald Art & Design – The author of Hand Drawn Halifax

Drawing and travelling go hand in hand for Artist/Architecture graduate Emma FitzGerald. One informs the other, allowing her to more deeply experience people and places, which in turn inspires her to create a better built environment. Her art practice is characterised by on-site drawing, place-based research, and a sense of...

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Natasha L. Dominix Artwork – Creative, Unique and Professional Art

Natasha’s interest in art started at a young age, guided by her Grandparents and Mr. Dress up. Her childhood interest in art matured into a love of charcoal, abstract, cartoon, design and painting by her early twenties. Growing up in a small town, Natasha was surrounded by nature, sea water...