Inkwell Originals – Modern Handmade Boutique & Letterpress Studio

Inkwell OriginalsInkwell Originals

Founded in 2011, Inkwell Originals is the in-house studio of Inkwell Modern Handmade Boutique & Letterpress Studio located in downtown Halifax. Its products are a collaboration by graphic designers Andrea Rahal and Daniel MacDonald. The studio operates antique letter-presses to create tactile products from art prints to custom stationery.

Letterpress is a centuries-old printing process that uses a cast iron printing press. The presses are hand powered and the paper is fed by hand, which takes time and requires a high degree of skill. The end result is a charming and tactile impression in the paper. The classic feel and finish of letterpress paper takes printing back to an era of quality and craftsmanship.

Our work is inspired by the ocean and coastline, as well as our beautiful province and the people of our city. Our current product line consists of art prints, greeting cards, postcards, stationery and drink coasters.

We use a combination of hand drawn elements and illustrations designed on a computer to make a hard substrate called a polymer plate to imprint our designs on the press.

Inkwell Originals
Location; 2011 Brunswick Street, Halifax NS
Phone; (902) 405-8309