Justine Kerr – Painter

Justine KerrJustine Kerr is a Scottish artist living and working in Bear River, Nova Scotia. She works with mixed media drawings and paintings. Please come & visit Justine in her new studio & gallery here in Bear River this Summer 2017.

She studied Fine Art at the University of Dundee, completing her degree in 1998 with two children in tow. Justine chose to attend NSCAD in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, on an exchange program in 1994 where she stayed and blossomed for two semesters. This experience was to have a profound impact on the young artist as it was where she met her first husband. Justine was in utopia and found her true calling in life as a painter.

Phone; 902-467-0112 - Leave message
Web; www.justinekerr.com/
Facebook; www.facebook.com/justinekerr.artist
Email; justinekerr@hotmail.com

This work speaks about the interdependence of the human body melding with the land. The images are inspired by personal experiences. These are animals, women and anthropomorphic forms such as flowers. Birds represent freedom and flight, opening up opportunities into the realm of spirit. Women symbolize human frailty and the warmth of humanity. The flower epitomizes sexual potency and power.

Justine KerrThe dichotomies within myself are explored visually in the work. These deeply personal images are used to transcend time and space, becoming an intrinsically bound connection to a universal expressive language.