Keephouse Home Goods – Meaningful, Personal Objects

Keephouse, home decorWhether you are celebrating a milestone
or making the most of everyday,
deep personal connections
demand meaningful,
personal objects.


Alissa Kloet has been designing home goods under the brand Keephouse since 2012. Her love of pattern led her to Sheridan College to study Textiles. Upon graduating she went on to receive a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. She lives and works in Seaforth, Nova Scotia - a small town that crawls along the shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean.

We find value in a thing well made and in moments well made.Keephouse

Home found me on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. From the windows in my studio I can see the Atlantic Ocean and in a few steps my toes can be wading in her cool waters. My world is filled with neighbors overflowing with rural charm and a husband that is full of creative ingenuity and has a passion for tinkering. The tides of daily life shift between inward and outward gestures. It's in this space that I live and create. The simple beauty and geometry in the shore's landscape combine with my modern sensibilities and result in Coastal inspiration, re-imagined.

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Location; Seaforth Nova Scotia
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Tools for Occasions

Whether you are enjoying some tea alone in a sunny window or welcoming those unexpected visitors at your door, a well-made object gives value to the otherwise mundane. A rich life is in the details. The Keephouse line of housewares combines my original patterns with functional forms to create tools for everyday living. From linen textiles that give your house warmth to birch serving trays that help extend hospitality to those you've gathered around your table, everyday moments can be made special with objects that are beautiful, functional and well made.

We choose 100% linen for all our textiles because of it's strength and ability to absorb water. Linen becomes softer and more beautiful with use and washing.

Trays and Coasters
Our serving trays are perfect for every occasion - from your morning breakfast to gathering friends around a table. Simple acts become an outward expression of hospitality.

Express your style and add colour to your living spaces with our 100% linen pillow covers. Each cover is hand printed and finished with an invisible zipper.