Lace Lounge Jewelry – Handcrafted Lace and Textile Jewelry

Lace Lounge JewelryLaceLounge is a collection of one-of-a-kind and limited edition lace and textile jewelry.

Everything I make is handcrafted by me in my studio

Because all my pieces are handmade from scratch, every piece is individual, meaning your jewellery is always uniquely your own. In addition to creating ready-to-wear jewelry, I am more then happy to help you with any enquiries or made-to-order pieces!


Lace Lounge Jewelry

Lace Jewelry

Location; Halifax, Nova Scotia

Hi! My name is Tania and I am the owner, designer and lacemaker here at LaceLounge. I have always loved all things handmade and I've never stopped teaching myself new things. So one day I discovered tatting. Since then I spent a lot of time to experimenting with different threads and used them in many ways until I came up with a result that I love. Tatting is my meditation and the thing that keeps my hands and mind busy much of the day. And my love for my work goes into each of my pieces.

LaceLounge Jewelry is designed and made by me in my small home studio. Tatting is a vintage method of lace making. The lace is formed by a pattern of rings and chains formed from a series of knots over a core thread using tatting shuttles. I modify the traditional tatting technique that allows using it in jewelry making. In contrast to classical tatting, this lace is more hard and rigid and may also be known as a multi-layered or three dimensional tatting lace.

I focus on craftsmanship and thoughtful design. Every piece is created by hand, using materials such as cotton, silk, polyester and metal threads, seed beads, pearls, and vintage beads and crystals. I want to make beautiful jewelry that is casual, elegant, feminine and full of originality at the same time. I do believe that in our fast-paced world there is still a place for old traditional handcrafting techniques.

What I especially like in the process of creating my jewelry is that all my pieces can be made in any color combination you want. I can do any piece really yours, made according to all your preferences.

I hope that my creations will add sophistication to your outfit.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, or are interested in a custom piece, I'd be happy to help.

Customer Reviews

- These earrings were as beautiful as the picture! I ordered them to match a dress for an event, so timely delivery was very important! Because life happens and so does poor planning on my part I was late to the game in placing my order, but Tania took AMAZING care to make sure these shipped out on time and would be delivered by the date I needed them. She tracked the package and even emailed with an update when it appeared the shipment got stuck and might be delayed. Beautiful product, OUTSTANDING customer service. Supporting artisans like Tania is an absolute pleasure.

- Tania was worried I would not receive these earrings because of the postal strike and wanted to work with me on finding another way to get them to NJ. They're so well made and pretty. I just need an outfit to compliment them. I'm keeping my eye on this shop for any new items and I know I'll be a returning customer. Thanks Tania!