Lily Lake Knits – Handcrafted with pure organic Nova Scotian sheep wool

Lily Lake KnitsHi, my name is Jenny Fennel, I am originally from Cape Breton Island, and am currently calling Middle Musquodoboit home.

I am a nature loving, nutrition enthusiast who secretly wants to quit her job and become a sheep & goat farmer. Owner and creator of all things Lily Lake. Photography by Jenny Fennell & Nicole LaPierre Photgraphy

My luxury wool knits are handcrafted with pure organic Nova Scotian sheep wool.

Location; Middle Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia
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I have always been a creator and I am always looking for ways to express myself through art. I am an avid painter and photographer, but creating items through knitting and crocheting has really been a passion of mine.

Being able to make something from complete scratch into a functional and unique item really warms my heart. To share my items through my shop came very natural and I always knew I would eventually open an Etsy shop. To see it come together now is really amazing.