Lismore Sheep Farm – A wide range of wool products

Lismore Sheep FarmCome and see our sheep in the field and their wool in our shop. Visit our barn and see the story of wool from a sheep's back to a pair of wool mittens.

Our farm is located just off the Sunrise Trail (Route 6), along the beautiful Northumberland Shore in Pictou County, Nova Scotia. We have a working sheep farm with about 300 sheep. Our sheep are mainly Dorset / Finn crosses which produce a beautiful soft fleece.

Here at Lismore Sheep Farm we use wool to create a wide range of products, some of which includeLismore Sheep Farm

  • wool blankets
  • wool filled comforters
  • wool mattress pads
  • yarn
  • hand knit socks, hats, mitts, etc.
  • We also carry a variety of sheepskin products ~ mitts, slippers, seat belt covers, dusters, insoles.

Our washable sheepskins have proven to be extremely popular for a variety of uses, some of which include ~ floor rug, chair cover, motorcycle seat, wheelchairs, etc. The farm is also the home of the River John Needle Company, our new venture making wooden knitting needles.

Lismore Sheep Farm
1389 Louisville Road, River John, Nova Scotia
Phone; 902-351-2594 or 902-351-2889

During the summer the barn is open for visitors to see the sheep and lambs up close. There is also an interpretive display that will interest all ages.

Customer Reviews; 

I received my sheep skin slippers in the mail and must say they are the best slippers I have ever owned!!! I highly recommend them to everyone needing warm feet!! Now I know what some dear friends are getting for Xmas this year!

LOVE my wool, the colours are beautiful and the service excellent! Thank you so much Lismore Sheep Farm!