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Girliture Pillows – Modern and Fun Pillows

Modern, Fun Pillows Shop our website for a great selection of fun modern pillows. Approx 70 different pillows to choose from Everyday pillow. Special occasion pillows, Custom pillows, Baby pillows, Wedding pillows, Business pillows Christmas pillows and much more Modern, simple, fun pillows created for any room in your home....

custom artwork services, tattoo designs, painting, Illustrations, logos, business

Natasha L. Dominix Artwork – Creative, Unique and Professional Art

Natasha’s interest in art started at a young age, guided by her Grandparents and Mr. Dress up. Her childhood interest in art matured into a love of charcoal, abstract, cartoon, design and painting by her early twenties. Growing up in a small town, Natasha was surrounded by nature, sea water...

Handmade enameled copper jewelry, each piece is unique with subtle variations

Aflame Creations Jewelry – Handmade enameled copper jewelry

Handmade enameled copper jewelry Enamel is colored glass powder that I melt onto copper in my kiln at 1500F. I use various techniques to create different designs, and I apply each one by hand. The enamel colors all react differently in the kiln, creating subtle variations; each piece is unique!...