Midgard Meadery – The ancient drink of fermented honey

Taste the Legend . Taste the Fantasy . Taste the History

Midgard MeaderyMead, Meade, Mede, Medo, Meodu ...
By any of these names, the ancient drink of fermented honey invokes, to the minds eye, images of the Middle Ages. Be it the Knights of the Round Table, the heroic tale of Beowulf, or the Kings of the North, their meade houses and their long ships in the mists of the dark age.

One may envision Medieval times of Lords and Ladies in their stone castles with bountiful feasts, meade-maids, drinking horns and songs of heraldry. Another may recollect the Bishops of Canterbury, the Holy Crusades  or the Merry Men of Sherwood. Others still may prefer the Age of Reason during the flowering of the Renaissance, where elegant courtyards of the wealthy bloomed with spectacular foliage and hummed with bees to provide the gentry with exquisite honey and mead.

Midgard Meadery is located in a small village called Scotch Lake in Nova Scotia, Canada and is jealously guarded by two Great Pyrenees.   The farm meadery resides next to the churning Georges River which is dwarfed by the natural beauty and peace of the Barrachois Hills.

Our farm/apiary and meadery has been producing honey since 2002 and meade since 2006 using all organic methods in both beekeeping and mead making.

Midgard Meadery / Scotch Lake ApiariesMidgard Meadery
Location; 524 Scotch Lake Road, Scotch Lake, Nova Scotia
Phone; 902 · 794 · 4013
Email; hiemdall@midgardmeadery.com
Facebook; www.facebook.com/scotchlakefarm/
Website; www.midgardmeadery.com

Our Honey, Meade and other products may be purchased from us year round at:

  • Cape Breton Farmers Market
    340 Keltic Drive
    Sydney, Nova Scotia
    Saturdays, 8:30 am to 1:00 pm

Or seasonally at:

  • Baddeck Community Market
    526 Chebucto Street
    Baddeck, Nova Scotia
    Wednesdays, 11:00 am to 2:00 pm


Midgard Meadery


An amber, crisp and clear meade that is smooth and honey-scented with the aroma of wildflowers.   Strong and deceptive as Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir.


Midgard MeaderyValhalla

Clear, golden-hued, light and crisp, pure meade from fireweed and goldenrod with an exquisite bouquet.   Powerful enough for any Viking warrior.


Midgard MeaderyValhalla - "Extra Olde"

This aged golden amber meade has a fine oaked aspect and aroma.   Our extended aging process giving it a Brandy-like character.   Truly pure and powerful.


Midgard MeaderyYggdrasil - Apple

A rich meade, exuding aromas of autumn honey and Nova Scotia apples with a cascading palate revealing its strong yet subtle character from this blended apple-meade.


Midgard MeaderyYggdrasil - Pear

Just as rich and aromatic as Yggdrasil apple-meade, shown above.   The delicate flavour of pear amidst our autumn honey is sure to delight.   A pure & natural choice from the "Tree of Life".


Midgard MeaderyNiflhiem

A hand binding of organically grown Black Currents from Mountain View Farm and clover honey make a most flavourful blend.   A little tart & slightly sweet, a fine celebratory meade.


Midgard MeaderyMimir

A smooth traditional meade aged with roasted nuts.   Strong, dry and a bit mysterious with its multi-layered character.   Truly a meade of the future based in the past.


NO sulphites, sulphates or preservatives have been used in the production of Magnus Meade.
Our organic Meade should be stored in darkness at a temperature between 3° & 5° Celsius.

Midgard Meadery

Midgard Meadery is a farm apiary and meadery that has offered traditional meade since 2006. The farm is known as Scotch Lake Farm or Scotch Lake Apiaries or even Scotch Lake Beekeepers' Academy as we are all about keeping honey bees.

To be a licensed farm meadery (or farm winery) in Nova Scotia means that we must produce the main ingredient in our alcohol beverage ... but in fact, we produce all the ingredients in all our meades and all of our farm products are free of chemicals.

Organic and natural beekeeping methods are used and taught on our various sites. At our main site at Scotch Lake, we have a small maple grove, 5 small orchards, various berry bushes, herb gardens, cultivated mushroom and other delicasies which we sell from the farm when there is surplus above our daily requirements.

We are licensed to sell our meade (as well as our honey and other products) from the Cape Breton Farmers' Market on Keltic Drive in Sydney River, NS and from Beddeck Community Market on Chebucto Street in Baddeck, NS. We are listed as Scotch Lake Apiaries while vending.

We welcome invitations to events in and around Cape Breton and Nova Scotia. We can be found in Halifax, NS every year in early December as vendors at "Have Yourself a Gothic Little Christmas", we were also at the 300th Anniversary of the Fortress of Louisbourg and you may have seen us at Avalon in Middle River.