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art supplies, share the creative experience, teacher, artisan, quality, one of a kind, nova scotiaI love all things artsy, crafty.  As a tyke I played underneath my mom's sewing table, endlessly sorting through the button box.  I just loved the feel, the texture, the colour, the shinies.  In my adult life, this "Magpie" gene flourishes with sprightly liveliness.

My passion is to share the creative desire is to grow my skills as a mixed media teacher & artisan.

My criteria for what I sell needs to satisfy three things:  best quality[1]  for the cost[2] & the most versatility[3] of use possible.  I create daily; and USE most of my products.  I try very hard to understand what I sell and provide you best price/quality.  I've been working on this addiction for way too many years to want to compromise!

I am a one woman show and from time to time I have to polish the cats and brush the silverware. So I recommend to call first Nika PaperArts Suppliesbecause my schedule needs to be flexible. Thanks in advance

Location; 43 Water Street, Windsor, NS
Phone; (902) 791-1093

Customer Reviews;

- Nika's store is like a little slice of heaven here on earth filled with the best arts and crafts supplies one could ever dream of. Nika herself is the most creative and inspiring person I've met to date; the most helpful and knowledgeable when it comes to all things art! I can't wait to return for another fun packed visit to her beautiful store.

- Such expertise and enthusiasm!! Discovering this store, which is a treasure chest for artists, and meeting the owner/operator, who has amazing knowledge and talent, was one of the highlights of our Nova Scotia tour. I wish I had more time to tap into the resources of this rich creative environment. It's great to know it's online.

- I've taken several classes with Nika and really enjoy it. I've learned to step out of my 'box' and try things that were different the result of which I impressed myself! She is a wonderful teacher, person and owns a wonderful business.