Ostrea Lake Pottery – Functional Stoneware

Ostrea Lake PotteryFunctional stoneware, classic forms enhanced by overlapping fluid layers of amber, blue/green and cranberry coloured glaze, featuring dinnerware, fish platters and berry bowls.

Ostrea Lake Pottery has been producing quality pottery since 1979. Each piece is made by hand using a potter’s wheel or slab work and fired in a kiln to 1000 C to make the piece, which is extremely fragile at this point, strong enough to be handled during the glazing and decorating process. The piece is then coated in several layers of overlapping glazes to give it a fluid quality.

Fired a second time, to 1200 C. This last firing takes 12-14 hours to reach temperature and 36 to cool. This higher firing temperature makes the piece stronger and more durable. The glazes I use can vary in colour from piece to piece and even with the same piece. This I feel adds to its beauty and charm and makes each piece unique.

Address; 976 Greenwood Ave. Halifax, NS
Tel: (902) 429-7548
Email: olpots@ns.sympatico.ca 
Facebook; www.facebook.com/Ostrea-Lake-Pottery
Web; https://ostrealakepottery.com/

I enjoy the creative process of throwing, the rhythm, the feeling of the clay sliding through my fingers, the force needed when centering, the process of coaxing the desired form from the lump of clay and seeing the shape emerge, the foot, belly, neck and lip, the delicate touch needed when refining the shape, pushing the limits of the form but to stop before it collapses under its own weight. Even after being a potter for almost 30 years I still find excitement when opening a kiln and looking for that special piece where everything comes together and “works”.


My work maybe referred to as “just” functional pottery i.e. bowls, platters mugs etc. But I am also interested in the beauty, depth and spirit of these objects to be as meaningful and inspiring as a painting or sculpture. Everyday objects should speak to the user, through richness of colour, shape and texture. Clay speaks through the visual, but also through touch and use. Function is as important as the form. My intent is to create pieces that delight the senses, be pleasurable to hold and to reflect the mark of the maker, to allow the fluid quality of the glaze and the fire’s touch, reacting with the form exhibit motion and energy. Holding a warm mug of tea or coffee and putting it to your lips is an act the can be appreciated daily.

Best of all, is the pleasure I get when other people also find enjoyment in what I have created