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Hello. I'm Leslie,
and I'm a paper addict.
I love to create....things.
Anything and everything,
I have to try at least once.

I love to make notebooks and home decor out of recycled and reclaimed materials; mainly old books, maps and magazines. 

Paperbacklife focuses on affordable handmade cards, books and crafts, with a focus on paper and photography. All items are hand made by me, with the occasional help of my husband/driver/sherpa Jared.

I use as many recycled and upcycled materials as possible; donations greatly appreciated!  If I can’t use the item, I will find someone who can.  Waste not, want not.

When I'm not making journals, I love to doodle in them. I have dozens of journals half full of abstract shapes, silly sketches and colourful prints.
I've recently started turning these doodles into original cards and colouring pages for kids of all ages.PaperbacklifeUsing reclaimed and recycled materials allows me to create truly one of a kind items while keeping my operating costs low, making my finished products affordable for everyone. Plus, saving these old things from the landfill is a great benefit too!

Location; Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia

My Etsy shop holds some of the (in my opinion!) winning arts and crafts I have tried my hand at in the recent years, from bookbinding and recycled card making to adorable party supplies and home decor. These are the things I love to make, and love to share. I hope you will love them too!

The name paperbacklife came from a friend, as we were talking about how I was bringing old paper 'back to life' through my then-past time of making my own paper. From there, the love of using recycled products to create new art and gifts has grown into this little shop. Using as much recycled product as I can, I try to do my part to save the earth, and stretch our shopping budget - both mine and yours!

Craft supplies for paperbacklife, like the wall paper samples, were donated by big design firms as the fashion changed; doctors and teachers donate old letter head and office supplies; #AwesomeHusband and other IT guys donate old computer parts - and offer lots of advice! All of these things mix around with the crazy ideas in my head, then they creep across the art room and eventually become all of the wonderful goodies you find here!

Each item is handmade by me, unless otherwise stated. Most items are one of a kind or limited run, so once that particular pattern is sold, it is probably gone for good. This, while frustrating for some, happens for a number of reasons; it satisfies my ever changing artistic desires, uses up some of the odds and ends that are donated, and keeps the shop fresh and interesting each time you visit!


Customer Reviews;

- So sweet! I love getting hand written notes from people on Etsy, makes the item from them so much more special. It's a bit smaller than expected but I love it just as much!

- Adorable and funny birthday banner! Perfect decoration for our celebrations! Will definitely use again! 🙂 Thank you!

- Adorable! Love them! Very happy with my purchase!

- This card is so amazing, thank you for your hard work!