Pearl & Daisy Natural Soap Company

It started with a walk in the woods

Pearl & Daisy Natural Soap CompanyOur company grew out of an inspiration one day while Pearl & Daisy's founder Rebecca Taylor was walking through a forest near her home in Nova Scotia. The air was especially fragrant and with each deep breath, Rebecca felt both grounded and uplifted. Thinking about the powerful connection between scent, memory, and emotion, she wondered if she could capture the aromatic scents so she could return to that feeling any time.

She knew she couldn't possibly imitate Nature with synthetic fragrances, so she experimented with essential oils distilled from fresh plants. A combination of balsam fir, clary sage, bay and thyme essential oils was the right mix, and she blended it into handcrafted soap. The collection that we now call Mountain Mist was born.

Then she just couldn't restrain her enthusiasm... she wanted to capture the exhilaration of the seashore and the uplifting joy of wild rose meadows.  And she didn't stop there. Pearl & Daisy now has eight collections, and each one celebrates the abundant beauty and history of life on the east coast in its own unique way.

Pearl & Daisy Natural Soap Company Rebecca Taylor
53 Inglis Place, Truro, Nova Scotia
Tel: (902) 668-2111

Natural aromatherapy soaps and skin care with an authentic “east coast” flair, suitable for fine boutiques. Beautiful packaging, gift sets.