Sarah Duggan Creative Works – A Watercolour Artist

Sarah Duggan Creative WorksSarah Duggan is a self taught artist, living and working in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. She works predominantly with watercolor, gouache and ink. Her work is deeply influenced by her love and admiration for the natural world.

Sarah grew up in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and went on to study Psychology and Education in Fredericton, New Brunswick and Ottawa, Ontario.

She has taught in South Korea, traveled extensively throughout Asia, and spent several years living in South Florida before returning to Nova Scotia to start a family.

Sarah gives equal credit to both her roots and travels as inspiration for her work. She currently lives in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia with her husband, son and greyhound.

Unique artwork from Nova Scotia artist, Sarah Duggan. Watercolour & Ink. Originals & Prints.Sarah Duggan Creative Works

Location; Darmouth, Nova Scotia

My name is Sarah Duggan and I am a watercolour artist, living and working in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

My passion has always been creative work and in 2013 when I became a mother, I decided to turn my passion into my career. It's my second full-time gig after parenting!

My inspiration is the natural world and all its beauty. I paint whenever I can, and manage all operations- printing, packaging, deliveries etc from my home studio.

Thank you for supporting my work, my business and my passion.

Customer Reviews;

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