Sarah E. Gillis – Handmade Art – Paper Quilling / Paper Filigree

Sarah E. GillisPaper Quilling (aka Paper Filigree) is the art of taking thin paper strips and rolling, shaping and gluing them to create special designs.

For years I admired paper quilling, how intricate and beautiful it is. I wanted to try it, but was intimidated thinking I wouldn't be able to. Finally after talking about it to my boyfriend, he decided to give me a beginner kit.

I started doing it with that kit, and fell in love. After making tons of paper quilling at home I decided to start making cards and try my hand at selling some on Etsy.
Everyone has those special people in their lives, who they want a unique, handmade gift, and I hope to provide beautiful quilled items for them.

I make all the items in my shop in my smoke-free home. All the quilling, packaging, shipping, photography is done by me.

I take custom orders, please message me if you would like information on a custom order.

Sarah E. Gillis - Handmade Art

Location; Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Customer Reviews;

Very beautiful workmanship on the handmade ornaments and the black cat magnet is purrfect ?

Beautiful. They looked beautiful but in person, simply gorgeous.

These cards are simply gorgeous! You can tell they are made with love.