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dainty, feminine, handmade jewelry, sterling silver, gemstones, quality vintage, contemporary stones.

Adolie Jewelry – A love for vintage inspired jewelry

A love for vintage inspired jewelry Adolie creates dainty and feminine handmade jewelry using sterling silver, gemstones, quality vintage, and contemporary stones. I have lots of love for anything floral, flowers, frills & lace. I love antique anything, vintage inspired everything, pastels, and am always looking for new adventures into anything...

Handcrafted jewelry, primitive, earings, necklaces, bracelets, one of a kind, unique, make woman feel beautiful

Damara Mossman Jewelry – Primitive Materials and Glamour Mixed Together

Born and raised near Lunenburg I started designing and crafting jewelry as a child. I’m self-taught although was lucky to have talented mentors along the way. I’ve always been a ‘maker’ and I’ve never been satisfied with anything ‘mainstream’. In 2010 I started playing with designs involving natural materials such...