Tall Pines Sign Co. – Hand Crafted, Hand Painted, Wooden Art and Home Decor

hand crafted, hand painted wooden art and home decor, creating beautiful wooden art, personalized artworkWelcome! We create hand crafted, hand painted wooden art and home decor.

What started as a hobby and as a way to save money while decorating my own home, has turned into a passion (obsession) with creating beautiful wooden art.  In between raising two kids, I have been imagining, creating and packaging artwork from my home studio in Beaver Bank, Nova Scotia, Canada.  

 My passion for  this business goes into every item I create.

The process of creating this artwork begins with you. Your quote, verse or family name is specifically designed to your liking. It is intricately hand painted, then sealed to protect it’s value. Along with our personalized artwork, we also offer ready-made pieces. While our studio is not open to the public, local customers may pick up their items to save on shipping costs.

Located in Beaver Bank, Nova Scotia
Phone; (902) 402-3479
Email; tallpinessignco@gmail.com
Web; www.tallpinessignco.org/
Facebook; www.facebook.com/tallpinessignco/
Pinterest; www.pinterest.com/tallpinessignco/tall-pines-signs/