Tara Joy Andrews – Illustrator and Graphic Designer

TaraJoyAndrews Cute animal illustrated stationery and art prints.Cute animal illustrated stationery and art prints.

Hi, I’m Tara, an Illustrator and Graphic Designer based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada that still sends letters to friends and family via snail mail with pen, paper, and stamps.

I fell in love with writing and all things creative when I was young. I love putting words or doodles on a blank page. Today we are more likely to text, tweet or Facebook someone, but I still love writing letters, folding the paper and tucking it into envelopes. There is nothing like reading someone’s own handwriting.

I love illustrating pets with a lot of character and personality. I add glasses and other accessories to help bring more of that personality out. I enjoy making work and art that makes people smile.

Tara Joy Andrews / A Creative Life

Location; Halifax, Nova Scotia
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