Virtual Critters – Handcrafted wooden fish and snakes with realistic flexibility

virtual crittersHandcrafted wooden fish and snakes with realistic flexibility, achieved by a canvas spine which holds the individual side pieces together. Suitable for galleries and fine craft stores.

Virtual Critters are wooden fish and wooden snakes, hand-made in Nova Scotia, Canada, by Doug and Anne O'Hearn. Their realistic flexibility is due to a canvas 'spine' that holds the individual side-pieces of wood together. Even though our 'Critters' are fascinating to people of all ages, we do not recommend them as toys for young children. Immersion in water may lead to deformation of the 'critter'.
The snakes and fish of Virtual Critters come in various sizes and woods.
The fish are available in 6", 9", and 12" sizes.
The snakes in 18" and fearsome 24".
Virtual Critters come in walnut, mahogany, cherry, and poplar, though not all critters come in all types.
Visit for a detailed list of fishes and snakes, including ordering info.

Virtual critters is a family business built around the meticulous craftsmanship of Anne O'Hearn. The 'team' consists of Anne (the genius craftsperson), Doug (her husband who takes care of the books, shipping and correspondence), and an occasional helper in the shop.

Anne started making her 'Virtual Snakes' in 1997, and in 1999 her 'Virtual Fish' proved to be even more popular than the snakes. Our unique 'Virtual Critters' are treasured by individuals, as well as being in demand by art-stores and galleries throughout Canada and the United States.