Wall + Wonder Home Decor – Modern Wall Art, Printables and Milestones

wall + wonder home decorI find joy in helping people find their perfect little item to complete their decor projects.

Modern wall art, printables and milestones. Many different styles including faux gold foil. Also new are milestone posters and monthly onesie stickers.

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Wall + Wonder Home Decorwall + wonder home decor

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Maybe you are putting together a nursery. The walls are painted, the crib is ready but it doesn't feel personal and magical enough to bring your bundle of joy who you are waiting to meet and you want everything perfect.

Or are you at that exciting milestone in your life where you have bought your first home. It still has the old paint colors and you can’t wait to start redecorating. You already have 784 pins in your “Dream Home” board so you’ve got some narrowing down to do. What were the Pantone colors of the year again?

In whatever room… your dorm, your office, your nursery, your living room, Wall and Wonder is here to make the connection between the current home decor trends and making them your own for a long time to come.