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I am a woodworker too so if you are interested in the type of projects I build, I do a little bit of everything and always willing to try something new. You can see my work portfolio at my personal web site, WoodchuckCanuck.com

The online store is open 24 hrs of course, but if you need to reach us directly, we are here 7AM-4PM Eastern Standard Time (Mon-Fri). Most of the time the person who picks up the phone will be me, since I handle all store orders. We also monitor customer service emails over the weekend too.

Just a few of the woodworking plans you will find
Available in either Print or PDF

Adirondack Rocker

Swing & Arch Arbor

Maritime Blue Tang

Circular Tree Bench

Lounge Chair

Lawn Glider


What is a woodworking plan?

So you like what you see in our store but are confused as to what a woodworking plan is? A woodworking plan is a detailed set of instructions to build the project shown. Instructions include sufficiently detailed explanations accompanied with drawings and diagrams. Many of our woodworking plans have full scale drawings which make it a lot easier for a beginner woodworker to build their project. Painting instructions are provided in the project instructions.

Who is WoodworkersWorkshop®?

Since 1998 WoodworkersWorkshop® International Distribution Center (IDC) has been the online purchasing and distribution centre for many of the highest quality woodworking plans and carpentry products available to date. We currently have over 7,000 plans in our online store. Watch our inventory grow! Our objective is to provide woodworkers with a one-stop location where they can view details of projects they want to build, from the various companies that offer a full range of woodworking plans.

Why are we in business?

Our Mission Statement is two-fold:

  • To be the international distribution fulfillment centre for woodworking plans and projects, in both paper and electronic downloadable format.
  • To provide top notch customer service for both our suppliers and customers.

We currently provide customer order management for 23 American, Canadian and New Zealand plan designers, pattern makers and book publishers. We recognize that there are many companies that sell woodworking plans and patterns. But unlike most, we also provide printing and mail order distribution for a number of these designers. We have full colour tabloid sheet, stapled booklet services for professional printing. And we also offer our wide format printing and scanning services to help designers develop their patterns full size, using our 36" wide plot printer (example). If you or your company designs, distributes and/or sells woodworking plans, wood products or kits... we want to hear from you! Contact Jim Barry via email or telephone.

We believe, along with our woodworking designers and publishing partners, that customer service is the key to success. That's what we are here for, to service you the customer. We appreciate all feedback.

What do we sell?

What we sell here are mostly woodworking plans to build the items we display in our product listings. We sell paper plans that are mailed to you. We also sell a selection of downloadable plans. You can see which plans are downloads because they have PDF in the name of the project. Click here to read our FAQ on how to download a PDF plan in 4 easy steps and try out our free PDF plan offer!

We also sell some specialty hardware supplies.

The majority of our plans come with full-sized templates to make it easier for you to build your project. The individual product descriptions will outline the specifics of each woodworking plan. Please understand that we do not sell the actual pre-built item and neither do we have a source as to where you can find someone to build a project for you. We suggest you speak with neighbours, local schools or community colleges and even your local lumber store project desk. Any of these sources may know of woodworkers in your area. When you see a listing for a dining room table for 14.95 or a Christmas Yard Art Nativity Scene for 11.95, you are choosing to buy the woodworking plans to build the item, you are not buying the actual item pictured.

Where do we ship from?

We ship to customers all over the world. The paper woodworking plans are mailed to you either from our Canadian warehouse or direct from the designer themselves. You can chose or we will decide which method works best for servicing you, depending on your location and our on-hand inventory. Speed of delivery and cost-effectiveness to the customer is the goal. We also sell electronic PDF plans (downloads).

When do we ship?

We ship Monday, Wednesday and Friday using the USPS and Canada Post Office systems. We offer first class mail service, as well as Registered Mail service, Priority Mail service, FedEx and DHL from our main warehouse location. Some of our U.S. book publishers offer UPS and FedEx.